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Back to school.

I just want to mention that I am currently taking TEFL or TESOL (Teach English as Foreign Language) certification in Koh Samui.  I was keen to get myself such a certifcation as it helps me to find a placement in a local school in Thailand.  Even if it dosen't, it will give me the credibility to teach privately in Thailand.

At first, I plan to take the certification in Singapore. Kudos to a friend and dear brother of mine to provide me the contacts but I find it surprising expensive.  They charge $3000 SGD for the course.  Whereas over here, its almost half of that amount and its internationally accepted.  I got to learn about island tefl through a farang friend of mine in Maesai.  He told me about it and I did a google search.  After checking the price and speaking to the course director Philip.  I decided to sign up for the course.

Let's just say for 3k SGD I get to travel, study in a great environment and a bit better credibility in Thailand as I get to practice my teaching in the local schools here in Samui.  Yup, plenty of practical teaching sessions in the coming week and I will be observed if I am up to the job.  Stress level is all time high now.  Its's been sometime I am back in a learning environment.

We had the first lesson today and its pretty good.  I got to know my fellow students.  Most of them are from South Africa and much younger then me.   And the interesting thing is I am the only Asian here so our course intructor, Rosanne (from South Africa too) keeps asking me about the difference between Asian language and English.  Stress ah!!!

The school ends at 3pm and I get to bike around here and there today.  I have decided to rent the bike for a month for 3500baht.  Much cheaper then 150 baht per day and I gaurenteed myself to have transport which works better for me.  Bikes at the resort seems to be rented out all the time so I was lucky to pick one of the better bikes from the lot.  I actually swapped twice.  First, the brakes were not working.  The second one keeps stalling whenever I stops.  Finally my current one has a broken left mirror but at least its something I could live up with.  I took some photos, none of them that great as I was stills scouting around for a better location to take my favourite subject.  Sunrise and sunset!

Have to stop here now and do some grammer revisions. 


HH said...

Whats the duration of the course?

Fatboi said...

4 weeks :)

HH said...

Whoo hoo... 4 weeks of school and holiday!