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Grammer 1,2,3 !

I woke up early this morning at 530 am to try to catch some surise.  Too bad it was an overcast and I could see nothing!!.  So I took my Nex and ND filter to take some seascapes instead.  The picture on the left is one of them.  My apologies if the the colour might be off as my netbook is not calibrated.  :P

Today we had a Grammer refresher course in the first part of th morning.  Its a bit stressful for most of us as all of us can speak well.  Some of us maybe writes well but to we need to define what is a Noun, Verbs, Abverbs etc etc etc.... All seems a bit lost. hehehe..  Anyway, we have notes and I was writing a bit later today as I was going through all the materials for today.

Besides the Grammer refresher, we were introduced to teaching methodolgy.  What an insight!! Its really good skill set to learn in how to conduct lessons for non English speaking audiences.  I can't wait for more of such methodology to be taught in class.

Before I signed up for the course.  I was a bit concerned if I could be an English teacher.  You have to understand that I came from a Mandrain speaking family and my English actually improved only after my later part of my secondary days. (All thanks to my teacher Mrs Goh who introduced me to some interesting English books!) Over the years, the language slowly became more natural to me.  Sincerely, I think I improved a lot since I started blogging 8 years ago!  Yup.  I started in 2002 under and kept on writing till now.  I'm glad I did that.  Wrting does helps one improving his language skills.  Maybe I should refresh my Chinese by starting another blog in Chinese?  Nah.. I think it will take too much of my time now. 

Gotto go to bed and prepare for tomorrow's lesson.  I am throughly enjoying the course and I hope I could clear the certifcation.  Our instructor (and mentor) Rosanne did mentioned that some of her students in the last intake flunked because their Grammer could not make it.  I better make an extra effor to study hard :)  One more seascape photo before signing off


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