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My first English lesson.

I taught my first English lesson today at Mae Nam Primary and it went pretty well.  Well, almost.  As at the latter part of the lesson, the kids kind of lost focus and I started to loose control of them.  My observer advised me that maybe I was too friendly and they don't think I am serious teacher.  Think I need to consider that in my next TP :P

The lesson was basically about animals and opposites.  I took a lot of time printing and coloured my flash cards myself.  I also designed a board game for them to practice their speaking but they seems to be more interested in throwing the dice around rather than speaking the words.

Anyway I took out my instax camera at the end of the class to take a picture of them.  All of them (even those kids not under my group) came and posed for me.  Took just one as they were estactic.  Asking for more.  I just said I ran out and quickly left the classroom before I get mobbed by these kids.

Overall, I did very well for my first lesson but I do hope I could improve better.   I will be teaching these kids again on Friday and I have not prepared the lesson plans yet.   I have another TP on Thursday at the tourism school so I need to work on that first.  It will be the adults I would be teaching coming Thursday and it will be another totally different experience. 

Can't write much.  Have to prepare the lesson plans before I go to bed tonight.


anoymousrald said...

all the best

HH said...

I can just imagine they mob you. haha...