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Occupied with homework

I have not been writing for the past few days as I was busy doing my revisions and assignments.  Coming Tuesday and Thursday will be my TP (Teacher's Practice).  I still have tons of things to prepare for the lessons :P.  The class actually ends around 3pm each day and I normally take a break in the pool to cool myself off before going back to my room to study.  Evening time I just meet up with some of the my other coursemates and have dinner and chit chat before retiring.

Today is special as there are no lessons.  So I took a day off to explore the Island a bit more.  Took the morning driving one big round of the Island.  Stopping here and there to take some photos.  Samui is pretty ok for a Tourist spot but it will definitely not be in my "come back" list.  I will explain and write about it some other time :)

It took me almost half of the day to cover the ring road that cicles the Island and I took a short nap before I start to work on my materials for the coming Tuesday TP.  Just finished part of them and decided to write an entry before going to bed.  It's almost midnight here :)   

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