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1st experience of a major earthquake

6.8 to be exact, although some of the news says its a 7 in Myanmar.  The experience is really quite scary.  I was in my studies in front of my computer when it started.  Things in the room started vibrating and then the whole world just shook.  I have to hold onto my computer and stuff as I was worried they might just dropped off the table.  My portable hardisk actually did fell (lucky it still works) and things above my cupboard fell onto the ground.  It lasted for about 5 to 10 seconds (I just lost track of time) but it felt like ages.  After it stopped.  I ran out to comfort my dog Cindy.  Wife and the kids are at a friend's house just 2 blocks away from our house.

I grabbed my phone and was trying to call her when the second quake came.  This time not as intense but a bit longer.  For a moment I really thought I might die there.  This is only 6.8!! I really can't imagine the Japanese or the Chinese who got hit by a 9 once.   You can see from the intensity graph (taken from USGS website) below and you can see Maesai is actually close to the centre of the quake.

After the 2 initial shock.  We kept getting aftershocks once in a while until around 1030pm.  I tried calling my wife but the network was too congested.  All our neighbours are in the street, worried sick and afraid of going back to their house.  I finally managed to get through her and they are fine.  Phew!  She's a bit hysteric and could not drive back home.  

So I walked to her friend's house to fetch her.  On the way, people are in the street discussing and calling others on the phone.  There is a real concern and panic as there are news that some houses in Maesai has collasped from the quake.  I drove the family back and the village guards came and ask us to prepare our torches as they might be turing off the electricity for safety purposes.  

All the neighbours were camping out instead of sleeping in their houses.  There were rumours of more quakes to come.  Wife is so scared that she wants to sleep outside too.  So lucky for us, she bought a tent and I set it up for her.  The kids love it (like camping) hehe.  All the while, I was checking the news on the Internet via my iPad.  

At around 11pm, another quake came and go.  Not as intense as the first 2 though so I felt more relaxed.  We slept quite late last night and I was woken again by another aftershock this moring at around 730am.




Worldpeace said...

Glad that your family's ok. My dad's in Mae Sai too but we haven't been able to call him. Worried sick :(

anoymous said...

How serious are the damages in maesai?

anoymous said...

seems that the death toll in myanmar had increased to 150