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Another graduation performance.

I'm back for a week and I only managed to have some free time today.  Wife and the kids are now at her relative's place for a day.  So I could spend some time sorting out my stuff.

For the past week.  I had been applying for a teaching position in Chiang Rai area.  Sad to say till now, I had yet to received a call from the schools I applied for.  3 in total and I guess I might need to change my stragtegy in terms of getting hired here.

There are many teaching positions in Thailand but most of them are in Bangkok, which is the place I hated most about Thailand and so that will be my very very last option for me.

Enough about the job hunt :).  This entry was about last night where my girl performed again in her school's graduation dinner ceremony.  This is her 3rd actually.

The 1st time you can view it here.   The 2nd time I wasn't around and wife forgot to charge the video camera so it was not recorded.  This time I got my NEX-3 to film it.  Its a pretty funny dance routine as you can watch it below.  

The dance started slow (I have never seen the rehersals) and then it suddenly just break into a crazy dance rountine midway (around 2:15 if you want to skip)

Food at the dinner party was pretty good and the atmosphere is pretty good.  Although some parents are the usual "kiasu" style of pushing way in front of the stage, blocking everyone's view of the show.  I actually have to hold my camera high up in the air to shoot this video.  All thanks to  the tilted screen.  For the 1st few seconds I actually focused on the wrong girl until wife pointed out to me... (they are all dressed up as frogs!!) If you find the video shaking... well, it's because I'm giggling.. hehe.. 

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Funny sia!