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I got an 'A'!

A- actually but still an A ... hehehe.  Pretty happy about it and surprised I was placed 3rd in the course.  Seems like all the hard work paid off.  I enjoyed my stay here in Samui and met some wonderful people and friends here.  Tomorrow I would be flying back to Chiang Rai and I need to start to look for a job at the new school near my house.  Hopefully this certificate would help.

All in all.  It was a great experience and my doubts of being an English teacher has been thrown out of the window.  I will write more once I'm back at home in Maesai.  Still have things to pack..  For those who are interested, you can click here to view some digital shots I took during my stay here. :)


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anoymousrald said...

congrats man