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Some updates.

Before I begin.  Just want to apologize to some of my facebook friends who might have been bombarded with various Singapore election thingie ever since parliament has dissolved.  I avoid posting political stuff here in this blog as I prefer it to be more about Thailand and my family here.  Not about politics.  So you if wish to read more about my views in SG politics and coming GE.  Do add me as a friend in facebook.  Just click here and you should be able to add me :P  

Maybe later after the Nomination day or even the election I will blog about it.  For now, I just prefer to leave this blog alone for such matters.

So some updates.  I have uploaded some photos in my facebook account.  Most of them taken in March or April.  

The first series is actually supposed to be a 36 in 12 hour challenge organised by ndroo of Fuzzyeyeballs.  But I can't finished it as it rained and I got distracted by the kids :P.  Its a pretty tough challenge and you can see the other participants result over here.  Pretty impressive and labour intensive for ndroo to compile this.  Mu Kudos to him :)!  I can never be that hardworkding! :P

The second series are random digital shots taken with my NEX or a900 over the months.  Most of them taken during the Song Kran Festival period.

A reader, now a good family friend of ours also stopped by Maesai recently.  Too bad they did not stay longer else I could have plan something for them :).  And for my other readers, if you do plan to come to Maesai,  do drop me an email so I could at least do my part to show you around (If I'm around of course!)

 Will be back in Sillypore on 5th of May.  Not only because of election but my Visa is running out on the 7th May.  Yup!  What coincidence!  7th May is the Singapore General Election Day and its stamped onto my passport :P  



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