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These 2 sure have my genes.. :P

Apologies for not updating this blog for more than 2 weeks.  Its just that Songkran is here again and I was busy preparing for the festivities.  I'm not going to write too much about the festival as I would be repeating myself.  Basically, its water fights and visit temples, relatives and friends.  You can read more about it here and here .

Anyway, this post is about my 2 little monsters :P hehe.  There is a new Robinson mall just opened at Chiang Rai (opposite the Big C Hypermart) and we went there to take a look.  It's pretty big and I would consider it to be quite impressive for Chiang Rai's standard.  Its vert common to have such malls in Bangkok or Singapore but all the way up North here in Chiang Rai?? That's a first.

The parking system is a bit haywire though.  Very stupid design which there are no clear signages and only one or 2 entrances.  It was also jammed with people (we actually went there on a weekday but due to the school holidays, it was still packed).  It took me almost 40mins to get a space and we went straight to The Pizza Company to have lunch.

So today's video is about a silly incident we have at the restaurant....  I have finished eating so I whipped out my camera to some photos of my kids and starting taking a video without their knowledge.  Here's the result.


So I have a 4year old girl (going to be 5 soon), teaching her little brother silly stunts and the little bugger happily follow suite... Wife said that's the genes in my family in work and I have to agree with her this time.. hehehe 

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