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GE 2011 - Afterthoughts

Just one more post on politics before going back to reality.  So the score card is 81 - 6.  So how did I feel?  Dissapointed.  Why?  I was actually hoping that more oppositions would be voted in.  My personal score card that I think is a passing mark is 15 to 20 seats in the parliament.  This, although could not form 1/3 of the parliament to block constitutional changes but at least it cuts a deep deep wound in PAP's ranks.  If we are able to cut that deep, the PAP would listen. (Less than 55% mandate)  I was actually hoping SDP would win the Holland BT seats (4), SPP Mr Chiam to ttake the Bishan-TP (5), WP in Ajunied (5),East Coast (5),  Hougang (1), Joochiat (1) and NSP in Mountbatten (1).  But I guess reality wasn't the case. :)

We need to cut deep as 61% to PAP is still a clear "strong" mandate.  They won't listen and precisely just after the elections, the PAP still insist GRC is a good system, increasing GDP policy is here to stay as a benchmark for progress and Ms Kate Spate is a correct judgment call for fielding her. Where's all the humble apologies and promises to listen to the people our Prime Minister has spoken of?( I think its thrown all the way back into the rubbish chute liao.)

Some friends consoled me that I can't be too greedy and expect a sudden change in the politcal landscape. Some also argued that such changes and rocking of the boat is not good. We need gradual change they say.

I'm sorry but I disagree on this as there is an old Chinese saying "If we are sick, we need to solve the root of the problem instead of just scraping the surface."  That's what I think we should have in 2011 GE.  ROCK the boat :).  And there's a few reasons why.

1) Economy is sound at the moment.  Osama was shot dead too so we are technically in a very stable situation for a change.

2) PAP made lots of blunder in the past 5 years.  Its a good platform to battle and the oppositions have enough ammo to argue why we need oppositions in the camp.

3) Poor selection of new candidates. *enough said

4) A lot of 1st time (virgin) voters who are politically apathetic and willing to vote to try something new.

5) Better selection of new opposition candidates *enough said oso

In short, we have the 天时,地利,人和。(Time, Resources and the people) to give the current Government a good wake up call.  But I guess Singaporeans just love to play safe and I have no choice but to respect their decision.

I am also dissapointed as I am 35 this year.  Which means I am over my prime (physical) and its going downhill from here onwards.  I might not have the chance to see radical changes to the electoral of Singapore.  Please don't kid yourself that PAP will scrap the GRC system.  They will retain it as its still the most powerful tool in winning elections as it has proven again on 7th May.  Almost 40% people voted against the PAP but only 6 seats are won by the opposition.  This proofs that the system is still workable and will be here to stay.  They would only consider changing it if they lost more than 2 or 3 GRCs.  Which means by that time, the people are already not afraid of losing a minister in the team.  So that's why I was very particular of winning more seats rather than the actual voting %.

I wrote on my facebook that this is one of the good excuse for me to be a real "quitter" and return back to Thailand.  Some friends question my loyalty and love for Singapore.  Well, I sincerely do love Singapore.  I was born here, I grew up here, I studied here, I served my NS here and I worked here.  All my relatives and friends are here too.  But sincerely, I am not a saint or a great person to induce change in my country.  Majority Singaporeans have spoken through their votes and they want Singapore to continue to be such a country I do not want to be part of, so what can I do?  I don't want to hurt it so my only choice is just to leave it as it is :)  For those who want to ask me what I want in Singapore, I think my friend's blog entry is exactly what I wanted.  Feel free to read it and be inspired :)

Of course I am not going to renounce my citizenship.  Its also near immposible for me to get a citizenship in Thailand.  I will most probably return once and a while to look here and there (and cast my vote every 5 yrs of course!).  But finding work and staying long term in Singapore is not an option for me anymore.  I did my part  this GE and I pledge that I will continue to do so until my vision of Singapore could be fullfilled in my lifetime, so this is not really farewell but a new beginning for me.  Thanks again for all the concerns and encouragement.  See you in Thailand! :)

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