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Lensbaby Composer Pro with Sweet 35 Optics

Image taken from Lensbaby.comSkip politics for today as its the cooling off day.  So I was surprised this morning when I received my package from Mr Postman.  Yipee!  My new toy has arrived! When Lensbaby announced the Sweet 35 Optics with built in internal aperture (as like in normal manual lenses),  I knew I would get one as 

1) It is easier for me to change apertures when I shoot, the main frustration and constraints I have with using the other optics are the tedious aperture disc that could easily be mis-placed (I already lost 3 of them from the old set)

2) The wider 35mm focal length.  I prefer wider angle of 40mm rather than 50mm which is too tight for my taste in shooting (especially so in an APS-C size sensor).  So 35mm is pretty good as I could crop it a bit on FF.  And its around 50mm on a APS-C sensor.  

3) Closer min focusing distance at 7.5" (about 20cm) which means I can go real close to my subject.

I bought the Composer Pro bundled with Sweet 35 because its seems cheaper then getting the Optics alone.  And the Composer Pro is really good too!  The ball is metal and the build quality is much better then the previous plastic version! Focusing and tilting is more pin-point accurate then the original one.  Anyway, now I not sure what to do with my old Composer.. maybe sell it or keep it as back up :P

I ran some test shots immediately this afternoon around cityhall area and so far its quite positive.  Only problem is when the optic is focusing at infinity or furthur away, I have some issues trying to see what aperture I'm on as the optic retracts into the composer's body.  It's just a minor hassle but not a big con.  Here's 2 shots taken from my Nex-3 with adaptor.  Rest of the photos are on my facebook :)


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