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Self Employed Again

It's been more than 2 weeks since I last posted.  I am back in Thailand and have been busy looking for a job at the local schools.  Bad news is that the law changed again (as expected from Thailand) and this time, the requirements for government school's ESL teacher is a pain in the ass to apply.  Why? Because you need to have an education diploma which needs to be apporved my the Ministry of Education.  What does this mean?  It means a lot of good ESL teachers currently in government schools will be kicked out of the country as they will not be liable to apply for a teaching position anytime soon.

So I guess its bad news for me too.  My back-up plan (B) is put into first gear for the past 2 weeks and I started to hunt for a location to start my own little tution center.  And yes, I have found a perfect location.  Just down the road from where I stay, a new school was built and there are a lot of new shophouses being built around the area.  Piyaporn is going to be a very busy little village.  The school is not new actually, it's old location was at the old market and because there is a population boom in Maesai, they need a bigger school compound for the increasing number of children in Maesai.   Which means a good opportunity for me. :)

I was actually a bit "dry" financially so I was lucky my mum could helped out a bit.  We took a corner unit and bought another unit just next to it so I have a much bigger space.  It makes sense to buy instead of renting as its a good investment in property too.  Time to diversfy some stocks to property.  Singapore cannot buy (too expensive) so buy in Thailand :P

Anyway, will post more once I'm free.  Still have some business plans need to draft out.  


balonglong said...

All the Best man :]

wayn3fon said...

good luck in your venture :)