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I enjoy teaching.

I simply do. :)  Ever since I started conducting photography courses way back in 2007 for SLCC, I know its a job that I would enjoy and I am a bit regretting why I never went for an education diploma.  Currently, while I'm waiting for my "office" cum shophouse to be completed.  I am giving tuition lessons to some secondary kids in my neighbour and I am enjoying every moment of it.  

I like working with teens rather than kids as they are more keen to learn and the kids here in Thailand are definitely more disciplined then those found in Singapore.  Those who took up tuitions are normally those who are really hunger for knowledge.  Do you believe that its actually the kids themselves who asked for tuition instead of their parents?  

Sometimes I do worry about our next generation of Singaporean kids.  Over here, these kids drive themselves not only for knowledge but understand the importance of education is not only in Science and Maths but in Languages, Litreatures/Arts and Humanities.   Its all about the joy of acquiring knowledge in different forms.  In Singapore, we overemphasises on just getting good grades. We keep training our kids to be efficient in exams while taking away the real joy of learning.   Don't believe me, just ask the Singaporean kids why they study and what they are studying and compare the answers with the Thai kids here :)

Yes, both will say that its for a better "future".  But do they really understand what is a better future? It's because their parents says so or is it they really understand the situation if they did not do well in their grades?

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