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2 years old!

Last Sunday (17th Jul) was my son's birthday.  He's 2!! Time really flies! Wife's friend came over for dinner and some cake.  Only 3 kids came but still havoc man.. 

Boy boy seems blur blur on what is happening hehehe.. But he did blew out the candle all by himself.  

It was sometime I shot with a DSLR and flash.  I did not take a lot this time as I was busy shouting here and there to control the crazy commotion. :P  I also shot some instant photos.  There were 3 shots left in my Press back and I finished them all in one go.  Then to my horror all came out blur as I forgot I had the 100mm lens retracted! !#$@$#  Bloody money wasted...

The "Beast" is really hard to tame but I am kind of getting attached to it.  i was thinking if I could retire and sell off my Hassy if it delivers but from the testing so far, there is one big problem with the press cam.  And that is the lens is a bit wanting.  Not say its not sharp but I am so used to Hassy's Zeiss glasses, the Mamiya photos is a bit "less contrasty".  Bokeh is actually better on the Press but the 75mm (which I intended to use it for serious landscape) is so easily prone to flare that I already nearly given up on it.  Even with the shades on, the 75mm could easily get flare in my photos.  Which means I need to be very very careful in positioning myself.   I planned to do some more test shots before confirming if I would sell of my Hassy system.  The Zeiss lens on Hassy is just brillant and its one of the main reason I am holding onto it. 

The rest of the photos are on my facebook album.  Do feel free to browse through them :)


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