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I like BiG BiG Transparencies... :P

Before I continue.  I just want to post that the "Red" shirts has won the election (again),  not surprising to me but its a bit surprise that it a win by a bigger margin.  So I guess the upcoming few months will be crucial.... hopefully those minor yellow pigheads will see the result and move on.

As the title suggests, I like big transparencies or the more common word - slides.  35mm slides have always astounds me with their rich colours and I have been shooting them for years.  It was a chance in the late 90s, (think is 1999) that I happened to see my first 8x10(inches) slides from a landscape photographer.  It blew me away!  The colours and just the level of details on that page (yes, its a bloody page) are just amazing.  He has just developed it at the lab and the lighttable was not really that big enough to view the entire thing.  Looking through the loupe will make you drool even more  :)

During that time, its still relatively expensive for me to shoot slides and develop them.  Its only when I started working and earning money that I started to shoot more slides.  And then the digital age came and colour slides seems to have lost certain ground to the new digital SLRs.  Its only until recently I got myself a used Hassy to start shooting 6x6 slides again and refound my interest in a bigger transparency.


On the top 35mm slides, Bottom left is the recovered negative portion of the fuji instant fp100c and the bottom right is the 6x9 BW negative I just developed, shot on my new Mamiya Universal Press.

  So 6x6 is fine except I yearn for a 3:2 aspect ratio instead of a square format.  The main reason is that I have mainly shot 35mm my whole life (which is 3:2 aspect ratio).  So I feel so much comfortable composing in 35mm rather than my Hassy.  It's beem 2 years of constant shooting, but I still find I lack something in my photos.  I constantly still need to crop most of my landscapes to make it work and I just hated to waste such film space.  So its natural for me to look for something larger and similiar in the aspect ratio.  645 and 6x7 are 4:5 ratio and its already quite close and there are tons of cameras supporting that format.  But since printing is not my first priority, the final negative or postive is more important to me so naturally, I decided to look for cameras that shoot in 6x9 which is in 3:2 format!  

And I found my answer after doing some research online.  The Mamiya Universal Press.  


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