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A new member in the gang of 4?


I'm supposed to write something about Thailand's election tomorrow but I think its too serious for my blog and I want to avoid Thai politics at all cost.  My only advise to my friends and readers in Singapore (or another country) is to stay away from BKK for the next few weeks.  Yes I know flights are cheap now and hotels are cheap too but that is because wise people would not come  :P  If you really want to come, just be safe and dun talk politics or wear red or yellow shirts :P  

This post is about the four camera system I currently have and uses frequently for more serious work. I have other toy cameras and I sold a lot of other cameras that I bought, played with it for a while and pass on.  Here are the four system

1. My Hasselblad 500 CM - A Medium format camera using 120 film. I used it for shooting mainly slides of landscapes and my family over here. If you happen to see my photos in facebook which are squares, then its shot from this camera :P

2. My Sony/Minolta system, - I was stuck with Sony as I was using the Minolta A-mount way back in the film era.  I actually did invested in a Canon 300d and 20d with some L lenses but I sold them all away to get back my Minolta system when Dynax 7D was released.  This is actually my working camera for most of my freelance photography jobs.  Currently, I have 2 Dynax 7 film bodies, 1 IR modified A100 and my trusty FF a900.  I also uses my a900 to copy my slides into digital copies :)

3. My M mount RFs. Currently using Konica Hexar with VC lenses.  (No moola to buy Leica :P)  This is for casual shooting and street photography with film.    

4. My Nex-3.  I am currently enjoying the new cheapo 16mm lens I got in 2nd market and I used it frequently with my M-mount lenses if I want to shoot them digitally.  I use this camera for various reasons but I think casual digital shooting would fit the bill. 

If you look at the photo above and you are interested in photography gear, then you see who I am mentioning about as a new member of the gang of 4.  (I was using my Nex-3 to shoot so its not in the picture)

 For the next few days, I would post more about this new exciting camera I got.  Its not digital but it can shoot 3.25in x 4.25in instant photos and of course with a 120 roll film back.  6x9 format negatives.  (Hassy is 6x6)   

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