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Another chapter in my life.

35 years I have stayed in my old house and just last week, the movers came and moved out most of the stuff to the new one my sister bought.  At the moment I am still staying in my old house (for convinience sake) but daily, I still need to move some minor personal stuff to the new one.  And there's no more internet connection so I guess I still need to come to the new house almost everyday to surf...

The new environment is a good change to old one.  Fresh paint, new nieghbours (pretty lucky to have good ones) and new furnitures.  It was a pain in the ass to move actually.  It does not help if your father is an avid philatelist and collector.  Meaning we had box loads of stamps (yup tons of them) to move.   Moreover my whole family are avid readers so the amount of books in boxes are huge too.  My mum gave the movers a big tip as most of our stuffs are really damn heavy :P

I will be spending sometime to shift through the collection and maybe sell them off locally at a shop or through ebay.  Its interesting though.  Stamps used to be an important part of communications (writing letters or postcards)but nowadays, we are replaced by email, twitters or blogs.  Even through social website updates.  I'm glad though that there are still a lot of stamp collectors in the interweb which means I could sell some of them off.  Most of the stamps my late father collected are from PRC.  Anyone interested do drop me a message.  Or if you have a lead in buying bulk can drop me an email too.  I have a truckload of them now sitting just beside me while I'm typing this :P  

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