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Last post of 2011

Just want to post a short one on the last day of the year :P .  Wish all have a Happy New Year and hopefully your resolutions and wishes will come true in coming 2012.

For those a bit concerned about my last post... I'm safely back in Singapore yesterday night :P  And here's a short video of girl girl's performance in school on their New Year Eve's school performance 2 days ago.

ตาย(dai) liao ตาย(dai) liao!

The title in Thai literally means die die! :P  Well it all happened 2 nights ago, I was doing some electric wiring (with the power off of course) when my son just came in and playfully shouted. "Papa Dai liao, dai liao!"  Wife heard it and looked at me sternly.  I don't know why am I foolishly working on electrical stuff at night so I stopped and played with my son.

The following day (which is yesterday), we were at my wife's friend Nat house having dinner, Nat's daughter Sophia (very good friend of us) came in saw me and then ran to my wife and her mother and shouted, "Didi Papa dai liao!  Mai Mi liao (no more)!".  Wife got so worried that she actually wants me to cancel my flight back to SG on the 30th......

I explained to her that our son must have passed the info to his little friend while playing so stop worrying.  But wife insisted to go pray pray and get some blessings for me. Urgghh....

Anyway, been looking at the horoscopes for my zodia next coming year.  Year of the black dragon and I am born in the year of the dragon too.  It seems I will have bad luck all the way next year till the end. :P  Really "Dai" liao...

It's bloody scary that they don't see the link.

Nowadays, I tried not to write too much about politics or social issues in SG but the recent major COCKUP of SMRT in our country's rail system really shows how a lot of Singaporeans missed the point.  I have this conclusion when I read the comments and posts online and it pisses me off. 

Which major point they missed?? They cliamed that this issue has NOTHING to do with our gahment and we are barking at the wrong tree.  We should be blame it on SMRT instead.  The gahment has nothing to do with this recent fiasco!

HELLLOOOO!!!!  First of all, isn't the rail system a "PUBLIC" transport??  What do we meant by "PUBLIC"?  It means it belongs to the gahment right?  Even now its under a private corporation, our gahment should enforce checks and collect feedback from the common groung and enforce certain maintenance rules on SMRT or whoever is running the business.  It seems that they just throw the ball to SMRT after building the infrastructure and wait to collect money.  AND why is our public transport managed by a private Corp in the first place???!!!.This is absurd!

So of course we need to blame our gahment.  Who appointed SMRT CEO?? Temasek board right?  Who is in the Temasek board?  Independent and private my big fat ASS!  Grow up silly Singaporeans.   Go on!  Live in your little wells and believe in whatever the gahment tells you.  You are screwed!! :P 

*PS That picture of me is my expression when I see those comments..... :P  really WTF!

My new garden

20111213_154155My garden was in a mess ever since I came back from SG.  After some heckling from my wife.  I decided to do something about it.  We cleared off all the plants and20111215_083421 trees and dug out all the stones and weeds.  Then we removed the pots and my wife enlisted her cousin’s help in paving the garden with sand and bricks.  The whole project took us about a week.  5 days to be exact actually and it was quite labour intensive.  I helped mostly by moving the bricks and laying the sand while her cousin laid the bricks.  We also enlisted our friend’s help and roped in her brother to help too Smile with tongue out   I would say the project was pretty successful, the kids now have a new playground in the garden Smile





I am getting worried

Not really about my kids or life over here in Thailand but my passion for photography.  Recently I began to succumb into my "no shoot mood".  Which means I had not taken out one of my cameras out to play.  I had not taken a single frame for almost 2 weeks (not even my kids).  I can’t figure the real reason behind this but I guess the main reason is I guess I ran out of ideas and I am just being lazy trying to do something about it .  Nothing really inspires me!   It seems the weather here is also making me a bit stone.  Big changes in the temperature and dry dusty air discourages me to go out and explore.  I spent more time reading and playing with my new phone or on the net rather than shooting.  This is really a bit worrying as its kind of the longest dry spell for me. 

For the last few weeks, I have been busy with reformatting and installing Windows 7 on my old PC over here.  Surprisingly after the fresh installation the PC ran much faster and smoother.  I guess M$ really is getting their acts correct after their Vista hoohaa… (Yes I know, 8 is coming out and I just installed 7 Smile with tongue out)

Anyway, I took out my NEX-3 and put on a cheap0 25mm C-mount TV lens and went shooting in the garden.  Only took 3 shots but kind of refreshing.  I do like this cheapo lens.  Not sharp but just check out the swirly bokeh Smile with tongue out .  Not for everyone but hey, I dun need to photoshop to make it look like dat….



Finally, this post is just a simple rambling, I am worried but I will be working on it..  I will be dead before I gave up on photography!  That I am sure of. Smile