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I am getting worried

Not really about my kids or life over here in Thailand but my passion for photography.  Recently I began to succumb into my "no shoot mood".  Which means I had not taken out one of my cameras out to play.  I had not taken a single frame for almost 2 weeks (not even my kids).  I can’t figure the real reason behind this but I guess the main reason is I guess I ran out of ideas and I am just being lazy trying to do something about it .  Nothing really inspires me!   It seems the weather here is also making me a bit stone.  Big changes in the temperature and dry dusty air discourages me to go out and explore.  I spent more time reading and playing with my new phone or on the net rather than shooting.  This is really a bit worrying as its kind of the longest dry spell for me. 

For the last few weeks, I have been busy with reformatting and installing Windows 7 on my old PC over here.  Surprisingly after the fresh installation the PC ran much faster and smoother.  I guess M$ really is getting their acts correct after their Vista hoohaa… (Yes I know, 8 is coming out and I just installed 7 Smile with tongue out)

Anyway, I took out my NEX-3 and put on a cheap0 25mm C-mount TV lens and went shooting in the garden.  Only took 3 shots but kind of refreshing.  I do like this cheapo lens.  Not sharp but just check out the swirly bokeh Smile with tongue out .  Not for everyone but hey, I dun need to photoshop to make it look like dat….



Finally, this post is just a simple rambling, I am worried but I will be working on it..  I will be dead before I gave up on photography!  That I am sure of. Smile

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