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It's bloody scary that they don't see the link.

Nowadays, I tried not to write too much about politics or social issues in SG but the recent major COCKUP of SMRT in our country's rail system really shows how a lot of Singaporeans missed the point.  I have this conclusion when I read the comments and posts online and it pisses me off. 

Which major point they missed?? They cliamed that this issue has NOTHING to do with our gahment and we are barking at the wrong tree.  We should be blame it on SMRT instead.  The gahment has nothing to do with this recent fiasco!

HELLLOOOO!!!!  First of all, isn't the rail system a "PUBLIC" transport??  What do we meant by "PUBLIC"?  It means it belongs to the gahment right?  Even now its under a private corporation, our gahment should enforce checks and collect feedback from the common groung and enforce certain maintenance rules on SMRT or whoever is running the business.  It seems that they just throw the ball to SMRT after building the infrastructure and wait to collect money.  AND why is our public transport managed by a private Corp in the first place???!!!.This is absurd!

So of course we need to blame our gahment.  Who appointed SMRT CEO?? Temasek board right?  Who is in the Temasek board?  Independent and private my big fat ASS!  Grow up silly Singaporeans.   Go on!  Live in your little wells and believe in whatever the gahment tells you.  You are screwed!! :P 

*PS That picture of me is my expression when I see those comments..... :P  really WTF!

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Colin said...

We chose the rite place to continue our lives anyway (though at sometimes hell, in a whole its heaven anyway (Thailand))...its kinda strange being more active picking up loopholes which never noticed before while in Singapore...I kind of grown wiser in overseas and starting to notice and collect the loopholes our gahment dug...yeah..*WTF*