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Puppies!!! (Again.)

Its actually pretty embarassing but we had no idea our doggie Cindy was pregnant all the time until she gave birth yesterday.  :P  This was because she ate a lot and I gave her more food then usual, so we thought she was just getting a bit fat..

On the 14th, she was whimpering and her nose was a bit dry and shivering.  I thought she was sick so I ask my wife to get a vet to take a look at her.  The $%!$%! lousy vet came and just gave her two shots and said there is a common cold.  We kind of believe him because our neighbour Ah Ma's dog was sick too.  

Anyway, at night she actually felt better and was able to walk around the house and eat a little. I gave her a thick blanket to keep her warm but she was still breathing heavily.

Next morning which was yesterday on the 15th.  Wife woke up and screamed when she saw a pool of blood around Cindy.  At first she thought she was dead but she was actually licking something.  Babies! 

Wife woke me up and as usual, Cindy was pretty protective of her babies.  Ah Ma came over too and we were pretty excited.  We counted 4 but one of them seems not to be moving.  Closer inspection we actually see it was dead. :(  My wife distracted Cindy and Ah Ma managed to get hold of the limp body out.  It's a boy.  We put him in a little shoebox and send him away.  An hour later, another puppy came out and so a total of 5 was born.  All very pretty and have spots on their bodies.  We can't really go close as Cindy growls everytime we get close to her. 

Later that day, we removed her dirty soiled blanket and moved her to a corner.  Its pretty cold here so we were the puppies might get too cold.  The kids were excited, especially girl girl.  Boy boy just looks on in confusion... hehe..

At night, I deliberately put Cindy's food some distance away so wife could transfer the puppies to Cindy's little dog house that we had cleaned up.  Wife was dissapointed as all 4 were girls! hahahah.. All look cute though.  Now we have to start looking for people who wish to have a dog in Maesai here :P


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