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The 4 sisters.



Taking care of the puppies are quite a chore actually.  Especially so when they are in week 3.  They are starting to pee and poo everywhere and have some strength to climb around.  I used part of the old broken wooden crib of my girl and fixed a little fence to keep them in.  Their nesting area is just beside my garage and I would not want to worry that when I am parking I might crush one of them.

Wife already decided to keep one of the pups again… Confused smile .  Although I don’t really like the idea but I am kind of attached to them too Smile with tongue out .  Since I am taking a lot of time taking care of them too.  Cindy (my dog’s name) is a good and protective mother. It’s her 2nd batch and so she’s a bit more experienced.  327009_10150572813790762_829165761_8907319_1953863090_oShe would clean up the mess (pee and poo) by licking and eating the contents (even though I try to stop her from doing it).  Every time someone is looking over her brood, she would be on her guard and growl if they are too close to them.  Only Me and my wife could touch her brood.  Well, not my wife if I’m not around, she even got bitten by Cindy once while I was not around ! hehhehe

I guess its because I would pat and look at Cindy in her eyes first every time before I even touch her brood.  She seems to know I am seeking permission and normally she would lower her gaze.  That’s telling me I am allowed to do so.  Another reason I guess is because I am the one who always feeds her Smile with tongue out hehe.     Anyway it will be another month’s time before we give the others away.  We found homes for 2 of them and still looking for 1 more home for the last pup.

PS:  The one we are keeping has a spot of white on her head.   Wife named her Cookie…..

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