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Return of the [Quitter].

I have been having diarrhoea and fever on an off for the past week and its horrible.  I suspected I got the bug from boy boy who had the same symptoms a week prior.   Going to the doctors does not help much as they give the same medication.  Think when I get back to Singapore in March I will go for a full body checkup.

Yes, I'm coming back to Singapore to slave again.  I am running out of funds and starting a business in Thailand is not that cheap actually :P.  The easiest way for me to gain some is to come back to work.  Yes, I could borrow from the banks but I do not want to be in debt and my own investment policy is that  I never will :P.  I rather save some money rather then rush ahead and get myself cash-strapped.  Maybe if we have no kids, we would have taken that path but that's not the case.  So it's a hard decision buy I plan to return to Singapore to work full time for at least another year or 2.

The idea of returning is actually on my mind since last year when I was helping my mum to move.  I still need to spend time researching and sort through my father's Philately collection and sell some of them off.  At first I plan to send all of them back to Thailand but that would involved getting taxed by the customs.  :S  So I need to do it in Singapore.  

Opportunity arises when I talked to one of my old colleagues when she just left our old company.  She mentioned they are still looking for someone and I was a bit interested in getting back in.

Reasons? It's shift work and with a lot of off days.  Which means I can fly back to Thailand once in a while.   This is the major advantage of working there.  Pay is ok.  I would say slightly above average with OT.  

I do have some reservation working there though.  Long hours and certains policies by managment (one of the reasons I quit that time).  In short, it means I am getting shit all over my head again.  It's been more than a year break for me and I guess the kids will miss me this time.  


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