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The 'connected' generation.

I was back in Singapore for only a day when I received some bad news via facebook.  My friend's father has passed away and he announced it on his wall and I send my quick condolences to his family.

He was to me, a very good friend, mentor, brother and one of my insurance agent :P.  We got to know each other in Ngee Ann Pugilistic and Lion Dance troupe way back in my Polytechnic days.  We were accompanied by a bunch of good brothers and sisters that I am so happy and fortunate to get to know them thru the years.       

The following night, I called up a few other brothers (about 4 of us in total) and we head down to the wake.  And we got a bit surprised to see even more other brothers from the same troupe who were there and we chatted and had a great short time.  Although the last time we had a gathering for NAAPL was only 2 months ago during CNY 2012.  But this little sad incident brought some of the busiest brothers together.  Some that I have not seen in years....

When I got home after the wake, I suddenly feel that I really missed the days where we get physically together to play, train, talk cock or even go to the movies.  The good thing about social media such as facebook is that I get to "connect" with a lot of long lost friends via the medium.  But it's still in a virtual reality world.  The lack of being physically meeting up with them seems a bit sad to me.  I myself, is part of the blame as I was constantly not in Singapore.  But now I am!  So I plan to meet up personally with some old classmates and friends I have met throughout my 35 years of life.

So for those who do know me, please do not be surprised if you in get a phone call or a message from me!  Let's meet up for old times sake :)


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