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It's never been easy

trying to adjust to the pace of life and getting over the feelings of missing my family over here in Singapore.  I kept psychoing myself.." It's just a year or 2!"  But it just not that easy at all.

Wify informed me that once in a blue moon, boy boy will nag for me.  Especially when he is tired and wants to go to bed at night.  Think it's because normally I would be the one to pick him up and slowly rock him to sleep.  He enjoys that :P

Bad news today was one of our little pups.  Either chokolat or kitkat got ran over by my own car.  Wife was reversing to park when the pup dashed out.  It happened last week but I only knew about it today.  My missus intentionally kept the news away from me until I asked about them today.  Girl girl said she cried a lot that day.  I asked her to take extra attention to cookie whenever mummy is driving. 

Work is as usual, hectic and lots of idiotic, no common sense routines.   Sometimes I wonder its a form of punishment for me (for having such a blasting wonderful time in Thailand :P).  Well, month end is coming and I'm going to get paid.  That's the day I would be gladly be looking forward too.

Just a short entry before hitting the bed.  RIP  Chokolat or Kitkat


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