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Same place, lots of familiar and new faces.

I'm officially back in Singapore for almost a week.  I flew back last Saturday and signed my contract on Monday.  Just yesterday on the 15th, I started work again.

It's quite surreal actually.  I never thought I would be back in SG and some more, work in the same company and department before I left for Thailand. 

I was actually offered another job opportunity but that job is a daily 9 to 5 job without any shift.  I was holding on as it means it would be difficult for me to return back to Thailand once in a while.  Although the pay is good but its just not my main priorty.  It was a bit god send when I talked to one of my old colleague and she mentioned that she just left and our old company was actively hiring new people.  

I enquired, sent in my resume and that's history.  I'm onboard again.

Lots of familiar face but a lot of new ones too.  I would say more than half of my current team mates are new.  Not a bad thing though, some of the old guards are promoted and really happy that they are now in a better position.  :)

All in all, the new monitoring system was in place (it was still in WIP when I left) which means I need to spend some time getting used to the new system.   Challenging work and hope I could get it asap.  My new boss (and old colleagues) seems to think highly of me... :P  ... stress liao...   

Family updates.

Just had another video conference today.  The 3rd one this week actually.  The 1st was on Sat and it nearly tore me apart as my son was screaming for me to come and fetch him.  Really can't sleep for a few nights after that incident.  Girl girl more or less understand my need to go, so not that bad.  It's lucky my wife's relatives are visiting, my brother-in-law with her new born daughter and my sister-in-law with her 4 year old daughter.  So the last 2 videos they were busy playing and totally ignored me on Skype..... :S  Well, at least ah boy's attention is no longer on me.     


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