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Still shooting.

Photography I meant.  :P  I had a dry spell a few months back but I was back shooting.  Selectively, of course and rarely shooting with my DSLR.  I am a bit surprised by myself actually as I had hundreds of shots taken with my "Beast" on instant film and I had not taken the time to scan them.    I also have taken some slides and black and white film but again, I scanned them and find them a bit depressingly bad so I did not post them.  Well except for this series I just completed with HP5+ pushed to 800.

I actually threw all my rules when shooting and developing this roll.  I didn't even bother to check the tempreature of the developer and just dump it in... surprisingly still can get the photos.   Very grainy and lots of watermarks on the film too...  You can check out the series over here in my FB album.  :P  

I also recently completed a roll of expired Velvia 50 which is to be doubled later by ndroo of :). Hope the results will turn out well.

Anyway I will be back in 2 days time.  Work will commence on the 15th but I need to sign the contract on the 12th.  

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