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Just a short post before my return to Singapore.  These 3 photos were taken digitally some time ago but I only recently decided to show these before I return.  Its taken with my 8mm Peleng Fisheye lens on my A900.  The subject was actually my jackfruit tree in my garden.

Recently I have been a bit choosy in posting my photos as I find most of them a bit unsatisfactory for my taste.  Its also one of the various reasons why I have not been shooting as much lately.  Another contributing factor is the weather over here. The hazy and overcast weather over here in Maesai prevents me in getting out to shoot.  Yes, the bane of all landscape photographers like me, bad weather.

My 1st initial reactions to the shots were just like... Yeeww... a bit too pretentious.  Funny thing is that I kept opening up the series ( I took about 9 shots in total) and it slowly grows on me.  Why?  No idea but I converted one of the shots to Black and White and it turn out pretty cool.  Here's the photo, click on them to see a larger verion.  Hope you like it too :)


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