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Two fuzzy eyes doing a double.

I've known Ndroo, the owner of  (and a lot of uber cool toy cameras) many years ago while I was still teaching part time photography in SLCC.  I think we got to know each other because he was looking for a a Pentacon CZJ Flektogon 50mm and I gave one to him.  I just sold my Kiev system and it's a lens I bought cheap over ebay.  Anyway long story short,   we still have not actually met in person.  

One boring day in Thailand.  I just messaged him in FB to see if he wants to do a double exposure with me.  For those not too sure about film photography.  A double is actually I shoot the roll first (slight underexposing each shots) and then pass the finished roll to him.  He would then reload the film and shoot again.  Hence, the term doubles.

We have no idea of what each other is going to shoot so its actually a hit and miss game.  :P  Anyway, the results is out and we have a pretty cool shot! (the one you see above) .  You can see the rest at his website.   

So now I will be waiting for his roll....... which I think it might take some time because he has a lot of backlog to clear.. hehehehe...

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ndroo said...

We've gotta meet up for beer soon! Anyway ... the roll is more than halfway thru. Send to u soon ... over beer :P