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Street shots at Little India

I took a roll of Tmax 400 on my Bessa in May (or maybe in June) while I was on a day off.  It was a pretty good session as  I clearly remembered it only took me less than 3 hours to complete the roll.  This is a rare case for me nowadays.  It took me 3 to 4 months to finish a roll of 8 shot 120 .  I think I was a bit trigger happy on that particular day.  But the area was bustling with interesting shots so I guessed it did paid off.  37 shots all correctly exposed but some of them can be thrown away though : P

I still have a roll of Reala 120 I shot that day around the Marina Bay Sands that I have yet to scan.  Not a very good series of landscapes as it was not a clear bright day.

You can view the rest of the series here.  I am avoiding to put too much photos into this site as I will be migrating back to Blogger. 

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