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Weekly Conference


Video call snapshot 3

I usually Skype at least once a week unless some special circumstances that I might do it more than once.  I do call back every night to check out wife and kids daily activities but its pretty usual updates so I didn’t wrote much about them recently.

Some interesting development recently is that the 2 monsters are starting to find each other a “bit” of pain in the butt so they started to fight (quite often as reported by my missus).  Yeah!  next stage of development;siblings fight! 

I think those with more then one kid or you are not a single kid family will understand the normal situation.  Sister or brother sitting there playing and the other one will come and disturb for no apparent reasons.  Then follow by whacking around and eventually one of them cries and run towards the parents phase… Smile with tongue out  So guess what,  normally it’s always the boys (or the younger sibling) that are the one who starts the fight…. initially the elder sister (or brother) will relent but the pressure is building and finally the elder sister could not stand any more of the nonsense and started to fight back… Smile with tongue out  Hehehe not a good sight at all.

Anyway, the above paragraph summarises what’s happening in my home.  Coming 2 weeks time I will be back to join the fun.  Wife is a bit burnt out from the 2 monsters' constant bickering, whining and complaining.  So don’t say I’m back to enjoy a break… more like going back to control a war zone….  Still, I’m actually looking forward to it (think I might take this back when I’m in the war zone)

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