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Some thoughts on my photography

First of all, apologies for not writing much these few weeks and especially things on Thailand or Maesai.  A reader actually dropped me an email asking me why no updates on things in Thailand?  Am I in trouble or what so ever.

Actually, everything is great.  It's just that I have mentioned I was back in Singapore working.  There isn't much to write about in Thailand while I'm away.  The missus and the kids are fine.  Nothing much special cropping up and I just dun want to bore you with mundane stuff like kids are sick or what they eat etc etc...

So the blog kinds of goes into a hiatus mode in this period of time.  I think this will continue till 2013 at least.   I am also getting used to the long distance family relationship depression mode.  It's easy this time around, just keep myself busy with work and other stuff.  And of course, photography.

I am a self confess gearhead.  Not those extreme types on the specs of the camera or a particular brand but more of someone enjoying a good research and making different type of images with different system of cameras.  You could say I'm a jack of all trade but master of none and I kind of like it.  It's just me on how I enjoy photography;).  There are some so called photography "purists who insisted on only using 1 particular format or lens" asked me why I kept changing my photography equipment?  Do you really need that lens or camera? I just tell them that it's how I enjoy making images.  I'm not a loyalist to any particular format or brand but I do lean towards Sony or Minolta as I already have a great selection of lenses that I have collected over the years.  The important part is that I'm just interested in the learning process of using a new equipment.  So is that bad?? hmmm...

Recently, I'm into wide angle lenses.  The more I used my Zeiss 24mm Distagon on my Alpha system.  The more I grew into it.  It's not easy shooting with a wide angle lens.  I'm so used to 40mm and 50mm POV so it took some time to get accustomed to the new FOV.  It's not the 1st time I shoot extensively with a wide actually.  The Minolta 16mm FE (which I still has it) is great to shoot the kids with but the 24mm really poses a challenge on me.  I still don't dare to use it as a street lens although the potential is defintely there.  The above shot of a sunset at Bedok Reservoir was only taken recently with the 24mm lens with a Singh-Ray Gold N Blue Polariser with a GND 3 HS filter.  Not much PS, just boosted the clarity in LR.

This process of  relearning again to adapt myself to the new focal length is always refreshing.  The fun part of photography is that there is so much to learn, even a simple act of replacing a part of your equipment you have and you'll get to enjoy the whole learning experience again.  From analogue, to digital, to lomo style camera, to pinhole and etc etc.  And the best part about photography is that each image you have shot is a record of time and history.  A frame frozen in time that might never reoccurs again.

Yes, it's an expensive exercise to keep changing equipment.  I think that's one of the reason I'm back in Singapore working my ass off too.. LOL.  But seriously, to all my photography buddies whom I've met and have stop shooting.  Perhaps you could try swapping your lens or getting another camera.  It dosen't need to be an expensive L lens or a Nikkor G or even a zeiss.  Just use something different and then just maybe, just maybe you'll start enjoy shooting again.   :)