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3 week break

Not really considered it as a break.  I have been back in Thailand since 1st Oct and was wondering what I could write for my blog for the past few weeks.  I got writer's block.. LOL ..  Since most of my entries will be 1-liners...  Some examples are
1) I flew in on Airasia.  They have moved their operation back to Dong Meaung so it was a bit nostalgic going back to the old airport and find nothing has changed much.
2) Spent a few days cleaning up the house and moving some stuff to our shophouse.    
3) Girl girl term break has started and we spent most of the time goofing around.   Results on her first exams are quite encouraging, she's pretty good at everything but weak at Arts.... that's a surprise.
4) Boy is naughty and bloody stubborn.  Refuses to listen and only likes to wear ultraman T-shirts... Lucky wife bought a few...
5) The living room cabinet is in the making.  There was a slight delay so I guess I won't be able to see it completed in time before I return.
6) I spent some time shooting with my Nex-7 on the kids.  The 24mm Zeiss is good but I found myself not shooting as much or as often as with my DSLR.  The crop factor kinds of puts me off and the EVF is not that particularly good in darker scenes.  AF is not that accurate oso.  It's still more of a travel, landscape camera and not good for action.  Miss my A900.  Dun think I will get the A99 after spending extensive time with an EVF.. 
And I guess that was a pretty good summury.  Tomorrow will be on a plane back to SG...  Sianz...

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