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Just a small update.  Got a call yesterday from my missus informing me that my girl's 1st mid term exam results.  Out of 41 in class, she was 6th in position!

No need to be top 3, just in the top 10 I'm happy and proud.  Why?  Because I'm not like other Singaporean parents that blindly chase the best results and force thier kids to study to get good results to boast or cliam they will have a bright future.  I'm not beside her constantly to guide her and my wife has learning disabilities so she could not guide her too.  (only some basic Thai but sometimes she writes them in the wrong direction :P)

Education to me, is all about the joy of learning.  How to reap new knowledge everyday.  Yes, they do practice rote learning in Thailand but at least my wife and I are not forcing her to go to her books everyday after school.  But I do ask her everytime on what she has learnt in school.  At least once per week when I'm calling back home or daily when I'm in Thailand.   And each time I would encourage and sound surprise if she say she is learning something new.   This some how reinforces the importance of learning to my girl and kinds of spurs her into action.  Yes, she's P1 only but I believe in starting a good foundation.  Hope she will continue to work hard and maintain her results :)

The photo on the left was taken by wife's friend and posted on her FB.  My wife does not know how to use the computer so I was happy that her friend started learning how to use facebook.  So now quite often I can see some photos or post of the family on her wall.  Girl was playing with my wife's friend Iphone while her brother is looking on beside her.

They play with each other and fights a lot, (well which siblings dun do that huh :P).  But they are close.  I can tell.  The term break ends and Jie Jie will go to school, leaving poor Didi all alone at home and he will start to throw tantrums, asking where is his sister and he wants to go to school with her.  Jie jie also very thoughtful one, everytime shcool ends she will buy extra ka-nom (sweets and candies) and share it with her Didi (I think she bought extra because she scared Didi will snatched it all away.. huhu)  If I scold either one of them or threaten to whack them, the other will stand up and whack me back.  Same thing when they are playing with others in a group.  Recently while I was back and we visited a ball park playground.  Another girl around the same age as my girl shoved and pushed Jiejie. Trying to pick a fight.   Didi protectively went up and shoved the girl back and stood in front of the bully, even though he was a head shorter. Hehe!

So the 2 of them now reminds me of my own relationship with my sister.  I think I really need to spend more time talking to my sis again....  Not sure when our conversation starts to dwindle but I guess we share the same blood.. Hell yeah.  Whoever dares to bully my sis, I'm gonna hurt him/her bad! :P

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