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Some people really needs to be shouted at.

Here's a little secret. I actually made a resolution last year in 2012 to post less negative things in my blog. Therefore, I actually wrote very little.. hahahaha.. So actually I guess I have a lot of negative posts in my blog. I think most of those negative things I wrote was about our Singapore ghament or some people I met or etc. I remember I read something about being negative constantly (talk or write) about bad things is pretty unhealthy for the mind and body so I tried my best to keep my cool and stop writing about bad things for a year. I did ranted on my facebook once in a while, if not I will go Ki Xiao (crazy in Hokkien). And to my shock, there isn't much good things to write last year. There are, of course, some very good magical moments with my wife and kids while I was back at home in Thailand but most of them are pretty personal and I prefer to keep it to myself. But it's not working well for me blog :P. So this year I throw away that silly thought and will start writing more complain letters and post.

First one is a recent incident on the plane back. We boarded the plane early and my mum was sitting in the middle of a 3 column seat while I was next to her at the aisle. Sometime later, some Chinaman (I'm sorry but it's true, I have lots of negative Chinaman stories) folks boarded the plane and started to shout here and there, looking for their bloody seats. One China woman was at our window seat but she was reluctant to sit at her designated spot. Apparently its because her dear hubby is 2 rows at the front and they wished to seat together. The husband was being pushy, standing up in his seat the front asking here and there and giving ideas on their little seating arrangement while the whole queue were blocked by these inconsiderate jokers. The stewardess tried to direct them to their seats but you know Thai people, they never shout or give assertion. So these jokers continued their little party while the poor stewardesses were hapless. My mum lost here cool and shouted at them to give way to the rest of the people. hehe. Old lady with all white hair dun play play. The Chinaman stopped and the lady finally moved into our seats after we stood up and let her in. The Q finally starts moving and just when I thought the worst is over when all the passengers had boarded. The idiotic husband stood up again and say the lady next to him (think is their relative) is ok to swap with his wife and screamed for the lady seating beside us to come over. I shouted back at the joker in perfect Chinese, saying no way you are going to let my 70 year old mum stand up again and let your wife go out. He was a bit shocked when I boomed. And I added that this is not your father's plane and please be considerate. My mum, at the same time, scolded the the woman next to us, asking her why they never sort these things out before they board the plane. The joker sat down and both kept mum afterwards.

After the little incident, I did noticed a little smile on the stewardess and I smiled back at her, shaking my head. She acknowledged back with a bigger grin and a slight nod.

Some people really needs to be shouted at.

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