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Never doubt about yourself

I was chatting with a photogprahy friend of mine in FB recently and he brought up the issue of going to become a Freelance photographer in SG.  He was facing a dilemna as most aspiring startups will be.  The fear of not being able to sustain financially, the fear of not able to meet client's demand and etc etc...

But the one thing that concerns me was that he finds himself a bit unworthy or his photos are not up to par.  This is a really bad thought.  How can one starts to sell his passion and proffesional skills if he keeps doubting himself that his photos can't make it?

The beauty of being an artist (photography or any other art form) is that you wish to express yourself.  In any forms and one should not create a piece or art for the purpose of pleasing anyone but yourself!  All great artist including the great Ansel Adam loves their own creation.  F**k care what other thinks!  Do what you like and share it if you like it!  There is bound to be the same people who might enjoy your photos.

Some good examples are that I hated those HDR lanscape photos.  But I never dissed them, its just not for me and those who like it WILL like it.  Vice versa, I like soft and blurry creative taken photos that those gearheads will just say its a piece of crap.  My point is that there will be a crowd that will enjoy that piece of art you create.

So stop doubting about yourself and heck care what other thinks about your work.  And if you hate your photos, then shoot something that you like or enjoy.    If not,  why are you still taking pictures then?

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