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Studying Again

Those who have followed me on Facebook might have known my intention to quit my current job and I did so recently.  My contigency plan has kicked in and I was to accquire a Taxi Vocational Licence before I head back to Thailand.  It's just a course I have been planning to take for quite some time (way back even before my TEFL) but I never found the time, well more likely the determination and will to go through it.

It's not like I'm definitely going to be a Taxi "Uncle" but I just want to keep my options open.  The trade seems suitable for me if I'm back in SG.  Flexible working days if I am to become a relief driver and I can fly back to Thailand when I'm free.   And again, money is an issue but I'm not really that desperate.  At least I don't ever need to go back to my old job again.

I have a lot to say about my old job but I guess since my official "date" isn't over yet so I plan to write that out maybe in July.  Let's just say its not a very happy experience working back in the same company and changes, yes, changes to the management has such a huge impact that its just plain crazy not to leave that hellhole.

Some people say " Just endure, when pay comes, all will be forgotten!"  Well, sometimes life is not as simple as that and if your Blood Pressure keeps going up while you're in the job, it means something is terribily wrong.  Just a short entry before I go back to my maps and notes.... Not really that easy now...  Now where the f**k is Taman Nakhoda? :P

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