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I need a new computer

Spoilt by my recent build in Singapore.  My computer in Maesai is out-dated for almost more than a year.  I'm currently planning to build a Hackintosh (PC loaded with OS X) but I'm not too sure if I can get the available parts for an easy build over here.  There is Apple free delivery to my house if I buy an iMac online but I was wondering if I really need an extra display.  I need to do more researching on this area. 

I was with the kids and missus at Chiang Rai yesterday to catch Despicable Me 2.  Not as good as the 1st one though.  Kids loved the minons and their silly laughter and antics...  There is an apple retail store in Central Chiang Rai and the pricing is the same as the online (as usual).  The new iMac do looks pretty cool to my eyes.  Especially the 27" version.  But the bloody price... oooooo  can get 2 PCs with better parts at the price point leh.  But I also need to consider the time I would save in gathering all the parts and troubleshooting a Hackintosh.  So its a bit tempting to just buy it of the shelves.

OR.. I could just get a PC and load it with Windows 7 anyway.  :P  TBC

Aside to the others who are bored about my purchases.  Here's a short note on the kids.

Boy starting to be a little cry baby.. if things are not in his way he will start throwing tantrums..  Need to work on that area.  Wifey's not helping as she doted him too much.

Girl starting to become joker like me liao... Example.  That day went to fetch her from school in my car.  I saw her and she saw my car and she waves for me to come.  Drove up next to her and she just opened my front seat door and screamed to her friends surrounding her (including a friend's mother) in Thai "That's my Dad!  He very fat hor?  You all see?  Fat right?"
Nearly fainted......


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