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What I have been up to.

Honestly, besides setting up my new iMac and Canon Pro 100 printer.  I spent more time with wife and kids rather than anything else.  Just to catch up the lost time while I was away.  I didn't even go facebook or surf the net as frequent as I used to be,  Maybe it's because of the slow computers I had previously :P

So far the new iMac is gorgeous.  I got the 21 inch version with i7 processor and a 256gb SSD.   Damn its blazing fast.  Booting it up only takes less than 5 secs :P.  I left the memory at 8Gig as 16Gig is a bit overkill for me and the upgrade price is just plain ridiculous.   I might upgrade it later if I really need to.  The new 21 inch iMac is an upgrade nightmare.  Need to tear out the adhesive on the display before I can get the guts. The printer Canon Pro 100 is just a dream come true for me.  At last I can print A3+!  Its not roll feed but I think its good enough for me.  I chose the 100 becasue it uses the dye ink rather than the Pro 10 which uses the pigment based ink.  Longevitiy might not be an issue to me as I prefer brighter photos and dye based prints are brighter.  I still need to get better paper though.  Its damn hard to source good paper in Thailand and so far I got it from the Canon online e-supply stores and still waiting for them to deliver.  I bought some cheapskate photo paper from the local computer shops here and so far its pretty damn promising.  I will write more about that printer once I get to print on some real papers.

I have been using my A900 recently for my family shots.  Going back digital and not shooting a lot of landscapes on slides as its pouring over here.  Ever since I got here (in June), it has been raining cats and dogs.  There are occassionaly some sunny days but it will only last for half a day.  Then the rain comes again.  So those who are interested to come here to shoot some landscape of Nothern Thailand to remember.  Avoid June to September when its the wet seasons.

I will be flying back to Singpaore again in early Septemper.  Need to serve my National Service and might stay a bit longer in Singapore to settle some personal stuff.  Gotto go.. Need to print more stuff on my new computer and printer :P

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