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A short trip back memory lanes in KL, Malaysia

I was planning for a short trip back to KL ever since I had quit my job in Singapore.  The chance came when I called an old colleague of mine on Sunday and he mentioned he was going back KL on Monday night.   He was flying back and the price of the tickets for Airasia is actually quite affordable, only $84 SGD for a round trip flight.

I took the opportunity as I was bored and my mum and sis are curr
ently not in SG anyway.  It was a short trip.  2 days and 2 nights.  I had no exact plans in KL so I just followed my friend's itinery.  He will be flying to HK on Thursday morning so I will be travelling back to SG alone on Wedsnesday night.

We reached on Monday night, met up with his friends whom I also knew and had supper before we crashed at my friend's place (as usual).

The next morning, his mom needs to visit her uncle in Kampar (金寳)in the afternoon and so I tagged along for the ride.  We ran some errands of his before we set off in the late afternoon.  It was an hour and a half drive to Kampar which was near to Ipoh.   While her mom was chatting with her relatives.  We took a short walk along the village and took some photos. Later, we drove out with the relatives to have some claypot chicken rice at the main streets of Kampar. Food was great and after sending her mum back to their shophouse.  We went to his friend's kopitiam to RnR.

On Wednesday morning.  We went back to his parent's restaurant to pick up his father to go to the market to do some shopping for the day's business.  It was an old school wetmarket like we used to have in Singapore.  I was trigger happy all the way while they were shopping for fish and other groceries.  After the morning rush and sending his father back to the shop.  We set off to Petaling Jaya to have lunch and a short walk.  Nothing much has changed but I do see more foreigners and Indian labourers more than Chinese in Petaling Jaya.  Seems like Chinatown in KL no longer looks like a Chinatown to me.

We were supposed to have beef noodle over there but we settled for another stall as the one we were hunting for was closed on Wednesday.  Damn...  After out lunch we drove to Times square at Bukit Bintang for a short walk before hitting out to KL Sentral.  We seperated from here.  I took the skybus back to LCCT KLIA and flew back last night.

I would say so far, this is the most unplanned overseas trip of my entire life.  That's not counting the business trip I used to have in KL.  I enjoyed it actually.  The uncertainty and the relax way of not planning anything before heading out to an unknown location.  Well, I do know KL quite well.  The Kampar road trip is still the hightlight of the trip though :)

And here's the photo series of the entire trip.

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