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Back in Singapore and shopping therapy

I was back in Singapore since 2nd of Sep.  A bit earlier then expected as I need to collect my taxi license from LTA.  It was ready for collection actually in July and the letter they sent actually gave my sister a big scared as they mentioned they will terminate my VL if I do not collect within 1 month of notice.  I called LTA hotline mentioned in the letter to inform them that I was in Thailand and they gladly took a note and asked for an exact date on when I could collect in Sep.  I picked the 3rd for no apparent reasons (a bit regretted on picking such an early date)  and viola.  Back in SG just to collect that license.  I still have reservist at the end of the month so I won't be back to LOS till October.
After collecting my license. I met up with some old pals and went on a shopping spree... Not camera this time but inkjet photo papers and that bloody ink catridges for my Pro 100.  Its expensive in Thailand and I'm surprised that it's hard to find in Singapore too.  Only a few shops carries that ink in SG.  Challenger superstore is one of them.  Paper selection  is even scarce...
In the end, I settled via online shopping.  Bought a set of ink and papers from Bhphoto.  Shipping was damn fast.  I ordered on the 3rd and it arrived on the 6th.  
While sourcing for the papers and ink catridges at Funan Digital Mall.  I saw a great offer on a 4 bay Synology NAS.  Model 413 and I bought 1.  Damn... NAS is getting cheaper nowadays.  I got my 2 bays in 07 and it costs almost the same (I think I paid more for my 2 bay).  I also got a Seagate 4TB NAS HDD later at SLS to test the new unit.  Tested it and wow, it runs more silent and cooler than my current 2 bay in Thailand.  Yup.  All these new toys will be shipped back to Thailand with me in Oct... I plan to migrate the 2 HDD on my old  2 bay to the new one. So I will have total of 8TB of space.  Still got room for 1 more HDD.   The old 2 bay unit I think I might sell it cheaply to someone in SG.  It's a great NAS for downloading stuff actually as it has a built in torrent client on it :P
Won't be getting any cameras or film this round... but that new Sony QX-100 do looks mightly interesting... hehehehehe.  

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