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The fallacy of idolisation

This post is written on the recent 90th big birthday of our so called "founding father"  Mr LKY himself. Pages and pages of people congratulating him and denouncing him on the Internet and social medias. Most of them are just ball-licking idolisation of a "man".   My emphasis on that later.

I had an interesting discussion with a friend and he was raving about how great that old man is and whatsover.  "No matter what he did, bad or good.  He did sucessfully managed our country!"  my friend argued.  "And look at your Switzerland, Norway of those Denmark countries that are sucessful!  Name me a great leader from that country!  None right?"

Now here's the fallacy.  Do they have great leaders?  I would say so but I can't name them because these great leaders chose not to be named and remembered.  They work from within and never took credits all to themselves.  And these leaders actually help shaped the future generations within the country to be responsible for their very actions they are going to take.  Be it politically or socially.  I think they do know that idolisation of someone will only leads to a very concerning issues.  Instead of "telling" people what to do.  These good leaders will lead and convinced people to why and what should be done.  And in the end, all will be responsible for their actions and consequences.

Now back to idolisation of a "man".  Human beings are not perfect.  None and period.  There's nothing wrong in looking up to someone that you like but overdoing it and we get to see something very similar.  Look at Hitler, Mussolini.  Look at Mao Ze Dong, Deng Xiao Ping.  Even look at our old man LKY now.  Their intentions are always initially good but once success gets into their head and ball-lickers assholes starts surrounding them.  Some of these assholes jokers will use the status of this new idolisation for their own personal agenda and purposes.

So herein lies a great question and my answer to it all; Is our LKY a great leader?  No, he's not.   He is to me, a successful one but can never be great.   Simply becuase when he's in power and he never exercised his choice to educate and give credits due.      

And the sad fact is that all great leaders are normally unkown to most.  As these people never take credits at all.  We will only remembered them via their actions and the nations they were in . Great nations like Switzerland, Denmark and etc.

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