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Holy Crap! I didn't write anything for October 2013?

That's weird man.  I thought I posted something but I guess I was too busy with some side projects over here.  Anyway, I have become a full-time house-husband ever since I was back from SG.  The missus went out to do some sales (sell property, MLM and other stuffs) and we like to switch roles once in a while. :P

I am kind of enjoying it though and the recent Oct was the children's break over here in Thailand. I  do receive onstant nagging, screaming, pestering, whining kids with me 24/7 over the month.  Nearly went crazy.  Supposingly want to visit Kengtung but pulled out the last minute and went to Chiang Mai for holiday instead.

We went to the Night Safari and basically it's just a usual RnR trip.  I have posted some photos of the trip on my facebook and yes, I am still shooting.  I'm not posting photos as frequent as I seems not to have enough time to process them.

Will post something more of a substance later.  Need to cook for the kids liao... :P