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Some thoughts on the recent riot in Singapore.

The photo of I took on the left are 3 workers I met randomly at Little India in 2012.  I took many photos there but I like this a lot because I came quite close to them and showed them my camera and they immediately smiled and look at me.  I took a shot on my film camera so I could not show them the results immediately (sometimes the bad thing about shooting film). I remembered I tried having a conversation after the shot but they have limited understanding on English so I moved on.  They were calm, relax and tired from their labourous work.

The recent violence at Little India sparked another wave of stupid, idiotic comments on social media.  Both on our foriegn workers (FW) and our HOME team (Police, Ambulance and Fireman).  It's just disgusting to see how my fellow Singaporeans labeled our FWs names like  "Little Indians" and etc.  Demeaning and not respectful of their hard work.  Similarly to our HOME team, calling them cowards and why never use their firearms.  Yes, effciency can be better but they are professionals at all time.  Just think! Not ONE single firearm was shot during the entire incident and they managed to quell it.  This really explains how out of touch my fellow Singaporeans are in terms of mobs and riots because we have not experienced it for quite some time. This is simply impressive to me and kudos to our police for seeing the rational and didn't use more violence to stop it.  If they had, they will only create more riots or acts of violence and revenge next time round.

I think YB's analysis on the riot, the spark and the fuel of the whole think is what I have similar in mind.  Do read it up as I can't write as elegant as he does. (I don't have time oso :P)

Hopefully, this whole incident will change the mentality of Singaporeans (I doubt it) Violence will come again if we continue to think we are an "upper class" while they are just to serve.  And yes, we learnt all of that from our PAP masters.  The elites.  Since they trampled us and we have no balls to fight back, we go online and post silly comments and poke fun at the poor and weak.

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