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1st post of 2014!

I'm back!!  Literally in Singapore for a few weeks before I travel back again.  It's the usual 3 months routine to come back and clear some backlog stuff over here in Sillypore.

I broke my own tradition of not writing a last post in Dec 2013.  I actually had a draft but I decided not to publish it as its a bit wee sensitive at the moment.  For those dying to know, it's about my views on the recent protests in Thailand.  Maybe when all the dust settles and if I feel like it I will relook at that entry and publish it.

I also received an email from TOC, asking me for permission to republish some of my future posts.  I'm a bit honored actually.  I'm just a Sillyporean in Thailand, minding my own business and blogging about my life there.  Wonder who will be interested in such a boring guy anyway.

The web is a very funny thing as blogging is no longer the "in" thing nowadays.  I wonder who still read full length blogs nowadays.  I do but I think I'm the few rare ones.  Tweeting (Twitter) and short messages such as status updates in G+ and facebook are much  more common nowadays.  So that's what I have been experimenting recently for the pass few months.  Posting more status updates on facebook rather than writing something here (ok, it's an excuse, I'm just plain lazy. :P)

Anyway, for those who are really interested in spying  following me.  I have activated the followers in Facebook.  So feel free to "follow" me instead of sending me friend's request (I only add those whom I know personally :) )

Thanks for reading and I will be writing soon since.  Singapore got new things to see leh.. A new Expressway and DT line. Must explore.