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I saw this coming almost 8 years ago.

I woke up this morning and was reading the news online when I saw this on BBC.

Singapore has topped 131 cities globally to become the world's most expensive city to live in 2014, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU).

I'm not surprised at this announcement at all but I just recalled the time when my girl was just born in 2006.  I was thinking about the option I can provide for my girl and my wife if I was to choose to bring them back to Singapore.  I guess I made the correct decision then.  Again, I'm not dissing Singapore being expensive or whatsoever.  To certain people (those rich ones :P), it's still a fantastic city to be in.  And I would easily choose Singapore over Bangkok if it's the only choices I can make.

Frankly if I was to bring them back to Singapore then,   Boy boy won't be around as I sincerely don't think I can afford to have another kid as a sole bread winner.  Missus can't speak English and it will be tough for her to get a job which means our income will be limited.  

In short, wages have been stagnant since 2000 while the city moved on at a ridiculous pace without allowing us, the majority middle income group to catch up.  And this to me,  is not growth of a country but a perversion of growth and wealth among the top earners/leaders in the country.  What's even worst then this is the majority of Singaporeans still have not waken up from their dream that it's not the fault of gahment policies.  Sad.

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