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A short trip back - 2014

The long break for schools in Thailand starts from March till the 1st week of May.  That is for the majority of public schools in Thailand.  I took the family back to Singapore to visit my sis and mum again.  We hit the road on 29th March and returned on the 7th.

This round, we flew out from Chiang Mai instead of Bangkok like last year and due to financial constrains.  We didn't even stay in Chiang Mai when we returned from Singapore.  Normally, we would stay a few days either in Bangkok or Chiang Mai after our return from Singapore but we didn't.  We just took a taxi straight back to Maesai and actually for this trip, we aren't as tired as it used to be.
  It might be due to the kids are older so its now as daunting as it used to be.

This trip to SG was mostly unplanned.  Plainly just to let the kids to spend some quality time with grandma and aunt.  The road trip started with a Sam Law (Tuk Tuk)  trip to the Maesai bus station.  From there, we took the bus to Chiang Mai.  Then we switched to a Sawng Tiao (Red Pickup truck taxi) to the airport and flew out via Silkair.  It was hectic but actually quite fun as the kids get to try different sorts of transport in a single day.  Over in SG, we spent most of the time at their aunt's home.   We did however,  revisited the Sentosa Watercove Park and Jurong Bird Park.   

My sister also took some leave from her busy work schedule and brought the kids to a toy store and they bought another set of LEGOs.  So they are pretty occupied at her flat.  

Overall, I didn't get to meet up with friends on this journey.  I will be returning to SG again in early July.  Reason?  Bloody reservist again.   

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