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It speaks volumes

when our gahment encourages its people to sell off their homes or houses so that they can downgrade and get some extra cash to survive in their twilight days.  This post is about the 76 year old granny begging for her CPF to be returned to her.  Instead of just providing a listening ear for her and STFU, the PAP IB or those cynical bastards starts hounding on where she is currently staying now.  Why she never sell that house? She rich what.

I asked my wife that day after I read the news.  "Dear, if one day we did become poor, should we sell our house and rent/buy a smaller house instead?" She says I'm mad and she would rather die then sell our current house.  I asked why?  She replied, "It's our 1st house together.  I like the location and neigbourhood and moreover  our children were born and raised in this house, it has sentimental values that cannot be matched by wealth.  Nope, I would die and leave the house to my children rather than selling it!"

I smiled and nodded.

We were not buying a house.  We bought a home.

There is no price for home.  Period.   And I sincerely think the old lady has great sentimental values on that house she currently resides in.  If  there is money in my CPF,  I would rather use that then to sell my home.  

I shall repeat again.  It speaks volumes of our gahment if they want or encourage its people to sell their homes to stay alive.  It speaks volumes.

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