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May 2014. What an interesting month!

WARNING.  Long post ahead with lotsa grammatical errors. :P

A brief summary.  Besides being the month of my girl's birthday, there was a coup in Thailand that ended the political unrest.  A blogger got sued by our PM Lee in Singapore and a big debate about constructive politics between our PM Lee and opposition chief Mr Low.

1st off.  Thailand military staged it's 12th coup on the 22th May.  Bringing the 6th month of madness in control (somehow forcefully).  Although I don't really endorse the idea of such actions by the military but at least so far they have been quite fair in dealing with both parties.  The only thing I want to complain is that there are too much censorship on the media.  I guess they are worried that the anti-coup camp will stage more protests so they have these draconian laws of anti-coup messages deleted and court martials but I'm afraid this will most probably makes things worst.  I'm not going to comment too much on this whole situation as the Thai always says "Please don't comment on Thai politics if you're a foreigner.  It's complicated."  I still want to stay in LOS so the better of me to STFU  :)

Then at the Singapore end.  We have a blogger Roy Ngerng being sued by our PM Lee.  I was following this thread quite closely as it was damn entertaining.  I have to say sincerely I didn't know about Roy (even though I am SO "political"and critical of our MIW gahment) before this whole incident.  I did however, remembered that I read one of his articles that was shared by my friend in FB.  I didn't dwell too much into it as it was a link from The Real Singapore.  :P   But at that time, my conclusion was it's just a rant.  I do have some knowledge on how our CPF works and there are some good questions on certain aspects but most of them are just bit extreme on trying to get himself into trouble.  And lo and behold.  He got sued!

So the online mass kind of broke into 3 camps.
Pro MIW camp starts mocking him - this is usual and I forgive them.
Anti-gahment camp supports him totally - a usual response from them too as anything anti gahment must support mah!
Then the 3rd camp - so called pro liberals who always said that they don't take sides (but in fact they do but just do not have the guts to admit it) starts mocking him too - this is to me, a very disgusting attitude and the worst of all.  Why?  Because these are hypocrites and those who reads my blogs know I hated hypocrites.
Roy may not be factual I agree,  he may not be smart or an intellect like you and I.  He maybe did it for glory and fame.  But at least he dares to speak up.   Maybe he is insidious and out for blood against the FAMILEE. But ask this question.  Besides getting sued by our most powerful person in the country.  What other benefits will he get?  He will be punished, condemned and maybe even lose his job and get bankrupt so do we really need to mock him any further?  Real pro liberals should instead mock the other 2 camps, the pro MIW and anti-gahment ones.  They should not be proclaiming to be pro-liberal and make fun of Roy like "He deserves it."  "He's stupid!" "He just want to be famous!"  but instead gives sound advice to Roy like "He should be more careful on how he writes. "  " One can make his points across without name callings or getting emotional"  

My take on the whole lawsuit is that this is one of the worst PR disaster for our PM Lee as if he had been gracious and dropped the case, Roy will not be made as a Martyr in the anti-gahment camp.  It's sad actually as this whole debacle, all of us are losers.   Our PM becomes a bully,  Roy with get sued and punished for something he believes in.  And if  he is the bad guy like what other people says, he gets his limelight anyway.  We, the commoners will not get a full disclosure on what's going on in our CPF.

The last incident was the constructive politics debate in Parliament between PM Lee and WP's chief Mr Low.  I read the some of the comments in FB before watching it and people were laughing at Mr Low's Engrish... That's a bit low.  For a Mandarin educated Mr Low,  what he managed to pull off was formidable.  It might be interesting to see how PM Lee debates in Mandarin or Tamil/Hindi.  We should do that in parliament as I believe one day with our current intake of FTs, Singapore might really belongs to China/India. :P

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