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Public Transport in Singapore?

Decided to write a post after all the media hoo haa on this incident in ST.

Rugby: ACS(I) to charter five MRT trains for C Division rugby final at National Stadium 
They are people out for blood for this incident.  Their arguments are mainly the MRT rail is actually a public transport and why should public utilities be allowed to charter private events.  Some silly defenders will say they are chartered buses what.  How come got difference meh?  Big difference.   How so?  If we charter a bus, the road that the bus is driving on still belongs to the public and other cars and buses could still drive on the same road.  Rails?  Not possible in Singapore right?  This is because we only have single-way tracks and not multi tracks like other countries.    So in short, this incident kinds of like ACS "chopp"  a dedicated public road to National Stadium and not allowing other vehicles to use it at the same time.  So that's why LTA have the right to be pissed.

But this opens to another observations I see on social media.  Singaporeans still sincerely believes we have "public" transport.  Sorry to say its all incorporated and privatised during Goh Chok Tong era.  SMRT in 2000,  SBS in 1997.  So is our Electricity, Water and postal service.

So please don't be naive and think that these companies will serve in the best interest of the public. Their bottom line is to make more profits for the shareholders.

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